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Publication date: 27 July 2021
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The mayor, Marco Bucci, and the Chair of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo Francesco Profumo today signed the framework protocol for the implementation of projects in the fields of culture, people and the planet for the three-year period 2021-2023, as identified by FCSP in the 2021-2024 multiannual planning document.

The amount made available by FCSP is 15 million euros, which may be supplemented by additional funds awaiting allocation of up to 2 million euros per calendar year, for projects dedicated to the Municipality of Genoa and focused on the digital and/or environmental transition, thus bringing the possible endowment under the protocol to 21 million euros over the three-year period. 

The projects will be set up and managed in accordance with the Next Generation EU plan and the PNRR.

“Culture, people and planet. The local authority is working on three strategic pillars to develop a Genoa that is increasingly citizen-friendly and attractive to tourists – explained the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci – The contribution and support of other bodies and institutions in this respect is fundamental. The signing of this new framework protocol between the Municipality of Genoa and FCSP – which we thank once again for its constant presence in our area – is proof that wherever there is a will to work together for the common good great results can be achieved”.

“A protocol that demonstrates FCSP’s constant presence in and for Genoa, and a collaboration that will strengthen, accelerate and support the cultural, economic and social development of the city through shared projects – added the Cultural Policies Director Barbara Grosso –.  Projects that enhance the cultural identities of our territory by making the historical and cultural heritage of the city more accessible, creating growth opportunities for people and promoting the digital transition and environmental sustainability. A constant and solid collaboration tailored to the needs of Genoa and the particular time we are living through”.

“With today’s signature we confirm our focus on the city of Genoa and its municipality and inaugurate a new generation of agreements stemming from and responding to the strategic plan of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo – said Francesco Profumo, Chair of Compagnia di San Paolo. The aims pursued in drawing up the agreement were three. The first is to provide ongoing balanced support for cultural institutions in the city of Genoa. The second is to enhance projects that are likely to have a major impact on the “Culture, People and Planet” sectors, reflecting the aims of the FCSP’s 2021-2024 multiannual planning document and in light of the UN’s 2030 Agenda. The third, which I consider the most innovative, is to provide strategic resources to support and assist the Municipality in strengthening the structure and processes needed to cope with the digital, environmental and social transition”.

FCSP has historically been involved in social and cultural action for the people of Genoa and the surrounding area, along the lines stated in its strategic plan. Over the years, a fruitful collaboration has developed between the Municipality of Genoa and FCSP which has led, among other things, to the signing of a framework protocol for the implementation of social, educational and cultural development programmes for 2019 and 2020, amounting to around 13 million euros in various areas.

In the context of cultural and tourist attractions, renovation, redevelopment and enhancement projects for the city’s artistic heritage have been carried out as well as actions to support the Doge’s Palace, the city’s leading theatres, including the National Theater, and the Historical Institute of the Resistance.

Priority has also been given to exhibition projects, including Jiménez Deredia’s open air exhibition and participation in the Festival.

FCSP and the Municipality of Genoa have worked together to support people who are economically and socially vulnerable and/or not self-sufficient or short of food and basic necessities, promoting a sense of belonging among citizens (Val Polcevera community centre) through actions aimed at promoting inclusion, hospitality and livability (Genova People Friendly, Do.Ge). The collaboration has also involved initiatives intended to support the work placement of young people with low levels of employability (Article + 1) and interventions in the social and educational field, which over time have become increasingly systematic and structural, aimed at children and young people between the ages of 0 and 18 in western Genoa (Ricostruire non Basta: ripensiamo al futuro [Rebuilding is not enough: let’s think of the future] project).

In the context of actions to support the Genoa area, FCSP has also contributed to the creation of the Genova Blue District, a Blue Economy hub where new ideas, enterprises and innovative projects launched by established companies, as well as solutions for the maritime economy, can be developed sustainably and with a low environmental impact.

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