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  • The Turin-based foundations Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center – in collaboration with Techstars, a global leader supporting the growth and development of start-ups – are launching “Torino Cities of the Future Accelerator”
  • The programme will focus on companies that provide innovative solutions to improve transport, housing, energy efficiency, infrastructure, and basic services such as education and healthcare
  • Twelve European start-ups with high growth potential have been selected in various sectors: from mobility to logistics to remote building management

Turin, 24 January 2022 – OGR Turin will be the headquarters of Torino Cities of the Future Accelerator, the first Italian start-up accelerator dedicated to smart cities. The initiative, promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center in collaboration with the American accelerator Techstars, is part of the broader partnership launched in 2019 to foster the development of the city of Turin as an international ecosystem for innovation and set it up as a successful model in Italy and Europe.

Torino Cities of the Future Accelerator, an offshoot of Techstars Smart Mobility that has already accelerated 23 international start-ups in two years, will offer ample opportunities for growth to companies that develop innovative solutions in strategic areas for more efficient, functional cities, especially in sectors such as transport, housing, energy, infrastructure and basic services such as education and healthcare.

The programme kicks off today with a class of 12 high-growth-potential start-ups, mainly from European countries. Three Italian companies have been selected, all based in Turin: Family+Happy, which has created a tailor-made service for the selection of certified babysitters; Strategic BIM, which offers digital and remote management of large buildings; and Gymnasio, which has developed home fitness technology.

Participating alongside the alongside the Italian companies will be the Swiss High Power and the French Voltaage, both with Italian teams, the Ukrainian Inputsoft, the British Lawyerd, Optimiz and X Works, the German Natix, the Romanian Nrgi and the Hungarian Volteum, operating in sectors such as energy, air transport, mobility and copyright management.

“Torino Cities of the Future Techstars Accelerator aims to harness entrepreneurial talent to develop cutting-edge solutions that make tomorrow’s cities more sustainable, inclusive and resilient according to an SDG approach,” commented Francesco Profumo, President of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. “From an ecosystem perspective, strengthening the partnership with Techstars can kick-start efforts to attract high-potential start-ups to take root and grow in our area. Compagnia di San Paolo is therefore enthusiastic,” continued President Profumo, “to renew its support for this programme, which constitutes a fundamental component of the long-term strategy implemented by our Foundation to put Turin on the European innovation ecosystem map.”

“This is the third edition of Techstars’ accelerator programme dedicated to smart cities, after focusing on smart mobility for two years. We have brought many innovative companies to Turin,” explained Maurizio Montagnese, President of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, “and some of them have even formed partnerships with the city and local companies. One of the main goals pursued by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, together with the other corporate partners, has always been to create an attractive ecosystem for innovative companies from all over the world. An ecosystem that, in turn, encourages the creation of new projects and business initiatives. The fact that the three Italian start- ups selected this year are from Turin is tangible evidence of this. We will strive to ensure that the programme continues to create new opportunities in the area, to make Turin a city that is ahead of its time and implements concrete, innovative projects.”

“Our programme with Techstars is evolving in view of Next Generation EU and the UN Agenda 2030, in line with the mission of Fondazione CRT and the values of OGR Torino,” commented Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT and CEO of OGR Torino. “The success of the first two editions dedicated to smart mobility paved the way to expand the focus of the project to smart cities. With Torino Cities of the Future Accelerator, growth of human capital, social inclusion and environmental sustainability remain central themes in the strategy for developing communities and improving the overall quality of life of people living in them.”

“The 23 companies that have gone through the two programmes in recent years,” commented Martin Olczyk, Managing Director of Techstars, “have created over 150 jobs and raised millions in funding. We are proud to have such a successful alumni network that will support incoming companies and to work in a unique environment such as that offered by the city of Turin, consisting of experienced mentors, innovative companies and support for start-ups and initiatives aimed at increasing technological innovation. For this class, not only were we able to attract more founders from Italy or with Italian roots, but we also diversified the sectors and nationalities of new entrepreneurs.”

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