The Historical Archives


The Historical Archives preserve the documental wealth produced from the 16th until the 20th century, a testimony of the Compagnia di San Paolo’s centuries-old history and an important source for the history of Piedmont and of the Nation.
The main archive funds open for consultation are the following four:
- The Archivio dell’antica Compagnia, is made up of volumes, registers, files and around a hundred parchments, comprising sub-fonds of the Compagnia,  Monte di pietà, Ufficio Pio,  other charitable institutions and the Archive section (which holds the oldest document dating back to 1362).
- The documental complex Istituto di San Paolo di Torino e aggregate (1853 – mid-1900s, 370 m) divided in seven archive funds (Istituto di San Paolo. Funzioni centrali, Ufficio Pio, Educatorio Duchessa Isabella, Azienda di risparmio e credito, Credito fondiario, Credito agrario and Opere pubbliche) and four aggregate archives (Cassa di Previdenza per il personale della disciolta Confederazione Fascista degli Industriali, Banca Grasso, Banca di Depositi e Sconti, Banca Popolare San Gaetano).

The fondo Gestione EGELI (1940-1950, 115m) that keeps the papers relevant to the goods seized in Piedmont and Liguria from the Jews and from the citizens of enemy countries, according to the racial laws and war laws, managed by the land credit of Istituto di San Paolo.

- The fonds of the General Secretary of the  Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino (1868-1991), together with that of Banca Popolare dell'Agricoltura di Canicattì (1959-1986).
There are also three libraries which are part of the Archives’ patrimony: the Biblioteca giuridica, theBiblioteca del credito agrario, and the Biblioteca dell’archivio storico.
The Historical Archives take part in the theoretical in-depth analysis and training activities with other archives, in Italy and abroad, and work together with specialized journals and university institutes. Furthermore, the Archives organize seminars for archivists and historians, on specialized themes and, since 1997, have edited the series of the Quaderni dell’Archivio Storico.

The Archives can be consulted by appointment from Monday to Friday (9-13; 14-16.30) at the following address: Fondazione 1563 per l'Arte e la Cultura, Piazza Bernini 5 – 10138 Torino.

The Historical Archives of the Compagnia di San Paolo are managed by the Fondazione 1563 per l'Arte e la Cultura, an instrumental body of the Compagnia di San Paolo.