Impact Innovation Department


Coordinates the start-up phase of strategic initiatives, overseeing the multi-sectorial projects which require multi-disciplinary competences related to innovation and integration. 
It also acts in blending finance-related initiatives, in which a mix between grants and impact investments are required.

address: Vittorio Emanuele II, 75 – 10128 Torino 
ph.   +39 011 5596911

Mulassano Paolo
Paolo Mulassano
Chief Impact Innovation Officer
+39 011 5596948
Roda Renato
Renato Roda
+39 011 5596923
Candela Filippo
Filippo Candela
+39 011 5596941
Levi Sacerdotti Sara
Sara Levi Sacerdotti
+39 011 5596952
Michele Osella