Exploratory notice Vigna M. Reale The Phoenix Renewed

International exploratory notice aimed at acquiring expressions of interest for the enhancement and management of the real estate complex called “Vigna di Madama Reale - Villa Abegg" in Turin.  Deadline: extended to 30th November 2018

Project: "The Phoenix Renewed"

Vigna di Madama Reale: a mansion that has gone through four centuries of history, a privileged place of leisure for illustrious guests, a safe haven where missionaries could retreat and reflect, a shelter for wounded soldiers, a holiday home surrounded by a romantic park. 
It owes its name to the ambitious Madama Reale, Christine of Bourbon, aunt of the Sun King and spouse of the Savoy Vittorio Amedeo I. She wanted to bring into the Piedmontese capital city the architectural beauty and worldly pleasures of the Parisian style and succeeded in making a small city like Turin worthy of a princess of France. The mansion was called “Vigna” (“Vineyard”) as the hill on which it stands was largely cultivated with grapevine plantations; and to this day the word “vigna”, in the local vernacular, still carries the flavour of distant pleasures. Today the Vigna di Madama Reale opens again for a new, engaging chapter of its long and fascinating story. 

"Globalists of Turin": Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic, two writers and intellectuals who love Turin and have chosen to live here, support this project: they choose the name “The Phoenix Renewed”, (La Fenice Rinovata) from a 17th century ballet composed by Filippo d’Agliè, Cristina’s favourite. Bruce and Jasmina drew inspiration from the Villa to compose a “Romantic Text” dedicated to the city of their love to go with the virtual visit of the Villa.

J. Torino is the city of our romance.  We met here, and it held us spellbound.

 B. The ancient rulers of Turin built this palace for their lovers.  This was the secret shelter of the court favorite.

J. This is the place of beauty, where the beloved gazes on the capital, and remains unseen…

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