ogni futuro nasce bambino



Early childhood is an essential moment for a person’s cognitive, psychical, physical, linguistic and social development.

This is why the Compagnia di San Paolo has for some time invested in children aged from 0-6 in directly managed projects, and it is also why the three year programme ‘ZeroSei’ was set up: to build a coordinated framework in which to maximise effects and reach economies of scale, the final goal being to promote the wellbeing and harmonious development of children in Torino and Piedmont.



A moment for talking, sharing and reaping the benefits of Altrotempo Action: results obtained and lessons learnt.


The new layout in piazza della Repubblica 2/B, Turin, surrounds children with the atmosphere and colours of autumn.

Early childhood is an essential moment for children's development. Investing in this age group has significant gains over time in terms of

Improving health in adult age

Thinking and acting together for a new cultural operation in favour of small children

Investment for the future

Investing in the very first years of life produces high economic yields and reduces the future costs of policies to limit damage in later development.
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