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Torino e le Alpi, a programme to strengthen and enhance the ties between the city and the Alps surrounding it

For some time now Compagnia di San Paolo has been carefully following the initiatives that bond ties between city and mountain people, with the purpose of enhancing the sense of belonging to the same history and culture through the exchange of ideas and experiences between the two environments, as well as seizing better opportunities economically and socially. During the years, Compagnia’s acceptance of projects connected to the relationship between city and mountains has led the Foundation to consider having a more proactive role: to rationalise resources, acquire skills and knowledge on this subject more systematically, and stimulate the application and spread of innovative development models.

This initiative has turned into an actual interdisciplinary programme applied to the mountains of Piedmont, Liguria, and the Aosta Valley, pinpointing concrete interventions and purposes: in 2014, Compagnia di San Paolo started the Programme Torino e le Alpi (2014-2016), with the intention of strengthening the relation between the city and the mountain range around it and improving the chances for development in the northwestern mountains.

During its three years of operation, the Programme Torino e le Alpi has enhanced knowledge, awareness, and exchange opportunities between metropolitan city of Turin and the Alps that surround it.

In order to promote innovative approaches to economic and social development in the Alpine region and improve the services and quality of life of inhabitants of the Alps, the Turin and the Alps Programme has been divided into various actions and has operated with its own projects and with traditional support interventions.

The actions developed by the programme have mainly concerned three areas:

  • Research and support of productive and social fabric in the Alpine world
  • Actions promoting competitiveness in EU funds
  • Cultural activities concerning the Alpine world.

In particular, the programme has promoted a special call for proposals that has gathered research and feasibility studies about innovative operational models, good practices for territorial management and planning, experiences in revitalising the community, and economic, social, and cultural development in the Alpine range. Torino e le Alpi has then supported a series of actions to improve competitiveness and growth in the Alpine territories by supporting some local organisations with the analysis of requirements and strategic planning, in order to identify the correct instruments to obtain European funds destined to the economic and rural development of Alpine areas. During the three-year period, the programme attributed a central role to cultural activities, relying on the creative potential of the Alpine environment and the ability to be fully contemporary, in its double aspect of inspiring context and place for cultural production. Moreover, in order to strengthen knowledge and sensitivity among the organisations that deal with the mountains, the programme has sustained a significant commitment to communication, in particular through the Internet, where a voice was given to parties, ideas, and contents starting with three ways to approach the mountains: living in them, knowing them, and establishing an open and continuous dialogue with them.

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Torino e le Alpi has been subject to monitoring and evaluation by experts and referees that do not belong to the territory of reference regarding the attainment of goals and use of economic resources, also in order to gather useful indications to plan its interventions.

The Programme Torino e le Alpi will end its activity during the course of 2017, by identifying partners that, in close collaboration with the Compagnia, can keep focusing on the development processes that can interest marginal mountain territories.