Polo del '900

Polo del '900


Polo del '900

Polo del ‘900 is the program that the Compagnia di San Paolo has set up with Turin’s municipality and Regione Piemonte that will see the inauguration at  Juvarra’s Quartieri Militari in Turin of a cultural centre, dynamic and open to citizens, and aimed above all at new generations and new citizens. The centre will house current affair themes, from experiences and competences of various institutes working on the project, custodians of significant documentary sources, committed to researching and setting up events about the 1900s and contemporary times which will be housed there by the end of 2015.

Where we are: Palazzo San Celso, Palazzo San Daniele Quartieri Militari, Corso Valdocco corner with via Del Carmine – Torino www.polodel900.it



On show from 30 March to 7 April at Polo del '900 an overview of Futurology spanning literature, images and cinema between the 20th and 21st centuries.


The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday 24th January at 9:30am in Via del Carmine 14 (Polo del ‘900, Sala' 900).