Programmes, a new operating mode

Compagnia di San Paolo programmes last for three years and have a medium-term approach aimed at encouraging continuity of action and consolidating results achieved.

Starting in 2014, three Compagnia di San Paolo programmes - Polo del '900, ZeroSei and Torino e le Alpi – have got underway. They integrate the current foundationactivities with an across-the-board logic, so far traditionally divided into five institutional areas: economic and legal research, scientific research and health, social policies, historical and artistic heritage and cultural activities.

The themes dealt with by the programmes have been: focus on the 0-6 year demograph, in its social, educational and cultural aspects, in particular the most disadvantaged, as far as regards the ZeroSei Programme (still in progress); strengthening the relationship between the city and mountains, as part of a renewed concept of mountains economy as well, for Torino e le Alpi (concluded in 2017); the regeneration of the Juvarrian Military Districts for the  Polo del ‘900 Programme (programme concluded in 2017), with an architectural and cultural project carried out with the City of Turin, which through a ground-breaking management model aims to create a new cultural centre to enhance the activities of various parties dedicated to studying our recent past.

As well as grant-making, ie: grants to non-profit organisations operating in their respective fields, the Programmes act through direct interventions on the territory, playing an active role in planning and implementing initiatives and promoting network synergies between the various local parties.

The Programmes are part of an intersectoral framework: three groups of Compagnia di San Paolo operators, working in the traditional Institutional Departments and led by a project manager, jointly run the three programmes. This type of work brings together each one’s skills and experiences to enable every Programme to reach its goal, following programme management methodologies.

Compagnia di San Paolo Programmes, specifically regulated and defined in the Regulations governing Foundation's Institutional Activities, are developed as process innovation hubs in a constant commitment to boosting the reference territory.