#VISTADAQUI 2018: app and platform to talk about innovation in Turin

#VISTADAQUI 2018:  app and platform to talk about innovation in Turin

From 30th January, the contest is open for anyone who wants to take part with their own photographs.

Vistadaqui  is a communication project by Compagnia di San Paolo whose goal is to create a community describing the innovation places and events in Turin.

Through the platform you can virtually visit the places that host the various initiatives supported by Compagnia and discover unknown ones. By downloading the app every user can actively take part in the project by sending in photos and short descriptions.

From January 30th this collective storytelling becomes a contest: you can register and choose the team in which to play among the four areas of innovation (social, cultural, technological and educational).

Every post sent through the app for iOS or Android will be a point for your team.

The four teams will receive a prize based on placement:

1st place (with a minimum of 10,000 points): € 7,000

2nd place (with a minimum of 8,000 points): € 3,000

3rd place (with a minimum of 5,000 points): € 2,000

4th place (with a minimum of 4,000 points): € 1,000

The prize will be assigned to a local non-profit organisation in the sector to which the team belongs.

Download the #vistadaqui app for iOS or Android and take part in the story.