There's Spazio to grow... all over Italy

There's Spazio to grow... all over Italy

A network of places dedicated to children aged 0 to 6 and their families.

Spazio ZeroSei - The boxful of good ideas is about to celebrate its 5th birthday. In 2014 in fact, thanks to the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo as part of its ZeroSei Programme, Spazio ZeroSei action came to life, opening its doors to all children aged 0 to 6 and adults growing up with them, in the historic location of Piazza Repubblica 2 / b, in the heart of Porta Palazzo in Turin.

From an experimental project to a place recognised and loved by adults and children in Turin, Spazio Zerosei is now growing all over Italy. In fact, because of its network project "Spazio ZeroSei: places of experience and thoughts for children and families", it was selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini, as part of the Fund to fight against underage educational poverty. A wide-ranging and articulated partnership (led by Pantagruel, a social cooperative of Pistoia) that thanks to the experience of Turin (through Xkè? Social enterprise) is creating a network of spaces in different contexts and territories of the peninsula: in Calabria, in Vibo Valentia , in Tuscany, in Pistoia, in Puglia in Lecce and in Liguria in Ventimiglia.

A lot of Spazi Zero Sei set up to promote new opportunities for experiences, growth, sharing and socialisation among children and families, integrating social and educational services present in the territories, characterised by a high number of families in conditions of social hardship.

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