The renovation of the monumental fountain of Hercules

The renovation of the monumental fountain of Hercules

The restoration of the masterpiece of La Venaria Reale Project reaches its final phase.

The restoration of the monumental Fountain of Hercules carried out by Consulta di Torino in the Reggia di Venaria gardens is the final step in enhancing   Castellamonte’s masterpiece and the whole La Venaria Reale project.

This important intervention features collaboration between various organisations including Compagnia di San Paolo, which highly values the work carried out on the fountain as the last significant restoration work to be carried out at Reggia di Venaria.

This restoration and that of the landscape project of the Temple of Diana will perfect the visitor itinerary of the gardens, to which the foundation grants significant contributions, as well as the support recognised to Consorzio delle Residenze as participated body too. 

Moreover, Compagnia has been involved since the 90s in far-reaching renovation projects of the Corona di Delitiae, with a grant of €40 million.

In 2015 a Protocol of Agreement – signed by Compagnia - was applied  to the enhancement of the circuit to support a Strategic Plan and promote a supra-local global identity side by side with singles Residences.

Gallery - Fountain of Hercules