The new pediatric E.R. of the Regina Matrgherita Hospital

The new pediatric E.R.

ADISCO - Piedmont Section with the contribution of Compagnia di San Paolo renovates the Pediatric Emergency Department of the Regina Margherita hospital.

The new Pediatric Emergency Department of the Regina Margherita Hospital of the City of Health and Science of Turin was inaugurated on October 26th : an important achievement for the Piedmont section of the Adisco association, chaired by Maria Teresa Lavazza, thanks to contributions from Compagnia di San Paolo.

This goal was also made possible thanks to the solidarity of the citizens who contributed to raising funds for achieving targeted and concrete interventions for the Regina Margherita Hospital: in 2013 the Pediatric Oncology Day Hospital, 600 square meters for over 26 children, in 2016 the opening of the new Margherita’s Island department - designed to accommodate children and young people suffering from rare and incurable diseases - and the purchase of instruments and equipment, the preparation of sterile rooms for the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology ward and scholarships.

The Pediatric Emergency Room of the Regina Margherita Hospital, directed by Dr. Antonio Urbino, is the largest in Northern Italy, which approximately 45,000 young patients have access to every year. As a reference centre in Piedmont for all serious pathologies, every day it provides clinical responses putting the patient first. An integral part of the Emergency Room is the area dedicated to Short Intensive Observation, which manages an average of 4,500 children a year (about 10% of accesses). The functions of this area are clinical observation for a maximum of 36 hours, short-term therapy of diseases with moderate complexity; the possibility of therapeutic diagnostic investigation.

The renovation project was carried out by the architects Sabra Miroglio and Giorgio Lupica of Miroglio + Lupica Architetti Associati with the contribution of Luca Ferrero & Laura Franco Architetti Associati. The graphic project is curated by the art director Luisella Cresto with illustrations by Antonio Cau. Throughout the hospital environment, children are accompanied by six characters who through colourful backgrounds constantly reassure them. Enlarging the waiting room, putting in a new triage area, establishing an area for patients on stretchers, more rational visiting rooms, the more comfortable rooms in the Brief Intensive Observation Unit, the drawings and stories that decorate the rooms: all these make the child feel the centre of attention.

The renovation required significant investments amounting to two million euros, of which one and a half million paid by Adisco - Piedmont Section and five hundred thousand euros by Compagnia di San Paolo.

Present at the official opening E.R. Unit at Regina Margherita Hospital were Sergio Chiamparino (President of the Piedmont Region), Guido Montanari (Deputy Mayor of the City of Turin), Antonio Saitta (Councilor for Health of the Piedmont Region), Silvio Falco (General Director of the  City of Health and Science University Hospital of Turin), Maria Teresa Lavazza (Chair of the Association Adisco - Section Piedmont), Anna Maria Poggi (Management Committee of Compagnia di San Paolo), Franca Fagioli (Director of the Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric specialties and member of the General Council of Compagnia di San Paolo), and Antonio Urbino (SC Director of Pediatric Urgent Care Presidium OIRM).

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