The grand opening of Cascina Fossata

The grand opening of Cascina Fossata

A requalification project that blends sociality and multi-functionality into a new reality.

The Cascina Fossata (via Ala di Stura 5, Turin) project brings together the characteristics of Social Housing, a Multifunctional Centre and a renovated area where citizens can come together. It is run according to principles of co-planning and active involvement of subjects who, thanks to their own participation, contribute  to creating a new context, benefitting from its  opportunities.

Born of the desire to give back to the city a long-abandoned but highly potential area, the project is much more  than a building renovation, its main goal being to promote new social interactions.  

The requalification of Cascina Fossata, which was also supported by Compagnia di San Paolo, features a Temporary Collective Residence, a Hospitality Centre, a restaurant, areas selling goods, areas designed for education, training and craftwork, a service centre to promote social/cultural activities, and a park.

Cascina Fossata officially opens on 25 November, Chair Francesco Profumo will be attending on behalf of Compagnia di San Paolo.

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