The XII edition of Terra Madre

The XII edition of Terra Madre

Preparations are underway in Turin to host 5600 delegates from 140 countries from 20th  to 24th  September 2018.

“While Europe is busy looking for ways to prevent migrants from arriving or to send them back to their homelands, we ask you to help them arrive in Turin, to guarantee hundreds of delegates the right to take part, delegates who would otherwise not even be able to afford to leave their regions, because 40% of them come precisely from Africa.” This was the appeal made to the public by Carlo Petrini, founder and president of Slow Food, at the Le Musichall theatre in Turin and by artistic director  Arturo Brachetti, during the fundraising campaign launch event held to raise the last of the funds needed to cover the costs of Terra Madre 2018.

5600 delegates from 140 countries will arrive in the Piedmontese capital from 20th  to 24th  September 2018, They will be served 28 650 meals in the purpose-built refectory, provided with 13 128 night stays and numerous other services in the 120 Città di Terra Madre locations involved across Piedmont to ensure them the best conditions for their participation in the event (from transfers to translation services, from the meeting spaces to  the stalls for those who, from the countries of the Southern hemisphere and in general from the most depressed areas of the world, will bring their own products with them).

The right to take part asserted by Slow Food is also defined this year by a revolutionary idea which has its roots in the recent history of industrial Turin: the “barachin” project, a way to share the flavours of  Terra Madre Salone del Gusto with 5000 people who for various reasons will not be able to visit the show. 5000 portions of food will be prepared by the best chefs in the Piedmont region

The president of the Compagnia di San Paolo, Francesco Profumo, is the first and foremost supporter of this initiative: “Ours is an institution which like to sow, because very often the first steps of a project are the most difficult to take, when few are talking about it and no-one believes in it. This is how the relationship of mutual trust with Terra Madre was born, which we have supported since its inception. Terra Madre is a network of communities, an active member of a society which we firmly believe in. And this is why from this year, the Compagnia di San Paolo has started up another great project, the “barachin”, an informal community network which we believe needs to be supported.”

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