TEDxTorino: Genius Ex Machina

TEDxTorino: Genius Ex Machina

The new appointment with TEDxTorino.

Genius Ex Machina –Leonardo’s heritage, is the new event to be held in February by TEDxTorino.

500 years after the work of Leonardo, founded on the certainty of the value of reason and reflecting the link between art, science and technology, this paves the way for a far-reaching project of  «global» knowledge. The same mission that is the driving force behind TEDx: to give voice to those that believe that through innovation and technology we can improve the world and help people live better.

The conference on 10th: February draws inspiration from Man as a symbol of the Renaissance, able to blend art, technology and innovation, long-time cornerstones of TED.

15 speakers feature: Giua, Alessandro Invernizzi, Alessia Clusini, Andrea Vaccaro, Carlo Ventura, Chiara Gastaldi, Chris Bangle, Floriana Ferrara, Andrea Vaccaro, Francesca Santoro, Guglielmo Carra, Ivan Ortenzi, Michela Murgia, Osvaldo Danzi, Stefano Camera, Viviana Pinto.

The event will be held at Unimanagement in via XX Settembre (Turin).

To take part please join at: