Twentieth edition of the Sottodiciotto Film Festival & Campus

Sottodiciotto Film Festival & Campus

The new edition of the festival held from 15th  to 22nd  March was presented on 25th  February at Circolo dei Lettori

Sottodiciotto Film Festival & Campus, organised by Aiace Torino and City of Turin (Educational Services Division, Cultural Services Division and ITER - Istituzione Torinese per un’Educazione Responsabile: Turin Institution for a Responsible Education), has reached its 20th edition and is in Turin from 15th  to 22nd  March 2019.

Entitled Me, Myself(ie) and I and dedicated to “image society ”, the 2019 edition is not focused so much on the striking or debated aspects of our time – the need to stand out, narcissistic ostentation, egocentrism or unbridled individualism  – as much as the recourse to visual media as privileged, if not prevalent forms of communication and interaction.

 The two faces of Sottodiciotto & Campus, as always careful to blend the world of young people and schools with that of cinephiles, are expressed through a selection of films which on the one hand try to intercept the new tendencies of contemporary cinema and on the other provide interesting ideas on the subject of self-representation.

 This is the case of Selfie by Agostino Ferrente, the closing film of Sottodiciotto & Campus, which got its world premiere at the 69th edition of the Berlin Film Festival and is distributed by Istituto Luce. In it, the main actors – two young men from the Traiano district of Naples – candidly tell their stories  (there isn’t even a cameraman) via an iPhone. 
Looking for a different kind of balance are Dafne and Clara. The former is a young lady with Down’s syndrome, the protagonist of the eponymous film directed by Federico Bondi and distributed by Istituto Luce; the second is a young university researcher who in Cetáceos, the first film by Argentinian Florencia Percia, goes through a deep existential crisis after moving to a new home. After its first big success at the last Berlinale,  Dafne opensthe Festivalon Friday 15th  March.

Leading contemporary issues (such as celebrity cult, the rise of rightwing movements in the world and the refugee emergency) are at the centre of Diamantino by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt. Diamantino was presented at the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Another burning issue in contemporary society regards the digital industry and is analysed  in The Cleaners, a documentary by Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck  which was much talked about at the last Sundance Film Festival and that ponders on the freedom of expression in the context of large web platforms.

Santiago Esteves makes a promising debut in the section with his first full-length film, La educación del Rey – presented at the Festival in collaboration with Exit Media and Slow Cinema. He creates a coming-of-age story through a genre film  that mixes the depth of drama with the elements of thriller and modern western.

Sottodiciotto Film Festival & Campus is organised with the contribution of the Piedmont Region, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT, the main partnership of Missioni Don Bosco and under the patronage of UNICEF Italia.

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