Riconnessioni Festival

Riconnessioni Festival

A festival for parents, children, teachers, public and private institutions  dedicated to the school of today and its changes for the future.

The Riconnessioni Festival, designed and set up together with Xké? Il Laboratorio della curiosità, for two days - from 24th  to 25th  March – offers a series of events dedicated to the school of today and its changes for the future.

From 12pm to 4.30pm on 24th  March Xkè? Il laboratorio della curiosità (via Gaudenzio Ferrari 1) hosts Laboratori Fantastici (Fantastic Labs), a series of activities dedicated to inclusion and digital awareness (for children aged 6 to 14 and their parents).

From 5pm to 6.30pm Auditorium RAI  A. Toscanini (via Gioachino Rossini, 15) sees Lezioni Spettacolari, (Spectacular lessons), a show for children and parents in 21st century school. " Spectacular Lessons " aimed at children and youths gets them thinking about much fun it can be to learn in new ways.

From 9am  to 2pm on 25th  March a conference is being held on 21st century schools ( Conferenza sulla scuola del XXI secolo). The conference brings together the partners of Riconnessioni, both public and private, with the community of teachers, head teachers, school staff and parents who are working together towards a new school model.


The following interventions feature:


Toby Baker – researcher at Fondazione NESTA in London. As part of the Education Team he handles technological innovation in schools to support development  and  studies how innovation can help make an education system  more equal and effective.

Daniele Barca – head teacher at Istituto Comprensivo 3 in Modena, in one of Italy’s most innovative schools where he is innovating - with other teachers and the local community -learning areas and times, thanks to the smart use of technologies and a meticulous didactic planning.

Federico Batini – professor at Perugia University and  author with Giunti of a large-scale research project on the effects that reading aloud has on children and young adults, because reading will be more and more important in 21st century schools, whether on paper or digitally.

Alessandro Bogliolo – teaches at Urbino university and is a great expert on coding in class as well as an important  science communicator. He has recently started to teach programming to parents as well as to children and young adults.

Elia Bombardelli – high school mathematics and physics teacher in the province of Trento, researcher  and author with De Agostini Scuola. In 2012 he started his video channel of  math lessons with roughly 200,000 subscribers and over 32,000,000 views overall.

Salvatore Giuliano – undersecretary of State for Education, University and Research and Headmaster of IISS Majorana in Brindisi, he is an innovator of school management processes and didactic methodologies that promote inclusion and divergent thinking.

NAO - a robot who likes being at school, talking to boys and girls and above all dancing.  His intervention is carried out in collaboration with Istituto Comprensivo 3, Modena and Media Direct - Campus Store.

Carmelo Presicce – researcher at Lifelong Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab in Boston, USA, he studies how to blend creativity and technology to improve learning and – why not? – have fun.

Also taking part are: Francesco Profumo, Chair of Compagnia di San Paolo, Franco Bassanini, Chair of Open Fiber, Alberto Anfossi, Secretary General of Compagnia di San Paolo.

The labs, shows and conference are free while places last, sign up by 18th  March filling in this form online.

The whole programme is available here:  link.