Polo del ‘900 seeks director

Polo del ‘900 seeks director

Applications may be sent from 16th February to 31st March 2017.

Turin’s Fondazione Polo del ‘900 has launched the selection process to appoint its director: from 16th February to 31st March 2017 you can send applications and related documents as specified in the call, which can be consulted and downloaded in the “Amministrazione Trasparente” section at www.polodel900.it.

The call offers a three-year term, addressing individuals with specific managerial skills and professional experience in the development and management of cultural services, in the management of cultural enterprises or public and private bodies operating in the sector, and in the organisation of events, shows or other cultural initiatives of national and international importance. The Director, as well as dictating the general guidelines, planning activity, handling ordinary management, accounting, administration etc., will be responsible for the coordination of the organisations involved and setting up the operational framework in terms of economic sustainability, through the development of services, fundraising activities, membership operations, European planning etc… Originally a joint project shared among the founding partners - the City of Turin, the Piedmont Region and Compagnia di San Paolo – Polo del '900, set up on 18th April last year as a Participatory Foundation, manages the cultural centre, which is located in the San Daniele and San Celso palaces at the Quartieri Militari designed by Juvarra. It is a place dedicated to the civic and educational growth of the community in relation to the major issues of contemporary society and in close connection with the historical, social, economic and political legacy of the 1900s. Thanks to the wealth of documentary sources and multitude of experiences and expertise that converge here because of the 19 cultural institutions directly involved in the project it represents a strong link which guarantees a constant and constructive dialogue between the past and the present.