Philanthropy Manifesto

Philanthropy Manifesto

An invitation shared and signed by Acri for a real single market for philanthropy. 


In view of the elections to renew the European Parliament in May, Dafne e Efc, as representatives of the international  institutional philanthropy sector present the “Philanthropy Manifesto – For a better Europe. Private resources for public good”.

Politicians from around Europe are invited to work together to build a real  “single market for philanthropy”’. At European level more and more citizens are working towards public good and want a leading role in social development. Philanthropic organisations are working side by side with them to help them achieve their ideals of participation and solidarity and contribute to the rise of a democratic and pluralistic society.

The Philanthropy Manifesto centres on four key recommendations: obtain better recognition of the role and importance of philanthropy and start to involve it in EU legislation as well as at national level; support the cross border-cooperation between philanthropic organisations; simplify legislation pertaining to the sector to leverage the impact of grants; provide grants and financial instruments specifically to promote and support philanthropic institution activities.

The Manifesto was shared and signed in Italy by Acri, the association of foundations of banking origin, and by Assifero, which covers the other philanthropic foundations and organisations.

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