PICS report published

PICS report published

After its first year of activity PICS publishes its report on the work done to stimulate the debate on the role of science popularizers.

PICS (Picturing the Communication of Science) is an interdisciplinary think tank made up of professionals with a different outlook on science and science communication.

The project is conceived and coordinated by FRAME – Divagazioni scientifiche, an association made up of six professional science popularizers also responsible for organising “Strambinaria – Folle di scienza”, a three-day debate between science popularizers and communicators. It was from this experience that the need to analyse a theoretical reflection on the communication of science arose.

After its first year of activity PICS publishes its report, available at:

It summarises the work group’s conclusions and aims to stimulate and foment the debate surrounding the complex role played by science communicators and  popularizers in carrying out their 

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