Luci d'Artista XXI edition

Luci d'Artista XXI edition

From October 31st  to January 13th , the Lights return to illuminate Turin's autumn.

From October 31st  to January 13th , the twenty-first edition of Luci d'Artista lights up the city's squares and streets with 23 contemporary works of art: 13 in District 1 (the central area) and 10 in the other seven districts.

Created in 1997 to bring art out of institutional spaces, the exhibition offers citizens and tourists new scenarios thanks to the creative contribution of internationally renowned artists who over time have created a significant heritage of luminous artworks.

This year the Lights that illuminate the city centre are:

Cosmometrie  by Mario Airò in Piazza Carignano, symbolic and geometric patterns projected onto the urban pavement; Tappeto Volante  (Flying Carpet) by Daniel Buren in Piazza Palazzo di Città, hundreds of parallel steel cables hold a 'chessboard' of cubic lanterns based on primary colors, white, red and blue (the same as the French flag); Regno dei fiori: nido cosmico di tutte le anime (Kingdom of flowers: cosmic nest of all souls) by Nicola De Maria in Piazza Carlina, street lamps turned into bright flowers; Il Giardino Barocco Verticale (The Vertical Baroque Garden) by Richi Ferrero in via Alfieri 6 (Palazzo Valperga Galleani), floating light emissions that remind us of the characteristic signs of the common areas of a garden that is no more; L’energia che unisce si espande nel blu  (‘Energy that unites expands into the blue’) by Marco Gastini in the Galleria Umberto I (permanent installation), a web of blue and red symbols and graphic signs that come together on the ceiling of the gallery; Migrazione (Climate Change) by Piero Gilardi in Galleria San Federico, 12 silhouettes of pelicans applied to a vertically suspended net, which light up and go out gradually, following a control algorithm; Cultura=Capitale by Alfredo Jaar in Piazza Carlo Alberto (permanent installation), a luminous equation culture = capital that is an invitation to think about the creativity and knowledge shared by all citizens as to the true heritage of a country; Luì e l’arte di andare nel bosco  (Luì and the art of going in the woods) by Luigi Mainolfi in via Carlo Alberto, a fairy tale told in a sequence of luminous phrases; Il volo dei numeri  (‘The flight of numbers’) by Mario Merz on the Mole Antonelliana (permanent installation), on the dome the strong light signal comes from the symbolic value of the Fibonacci sequence where each number is the sum of the previous two; Concerto di parole  ‘(Concert of words’) by Mario Molinari in Viale dei Partigiani (Royal Gardens, above the arches), gigantic abstract sculptures made of expanded polystyrene, painted in bright colors and lit up by powerful headlights; Vento Solare (Solar Wind) by Luigi Nervo in piazzetta Mollino, a large luminous silhouette relating to fantastic cosmology; Palomar by Giulio Paolini in via Po, an ancient astronomical atlas dotted with planets in geometric shapes culminating in the shape of an acrobat balanced on a circle and finally, the red figures in Luigi Stoisa’s ‘Noi’  intertwine in via Garibaldi .

In the urban spaces of other districts:

L’amore non fa rumore  (‘Love makes no noise’) by Domenico Luca Pannoli in via Roveda – in front of the Emilio Pugno Gardens (District 2)

Volo su  (‘Flying up’) by Francesco Casorati in the pedestrian area of ​​Via Di Nanni (District 2), a red wire in neon-flex supported by geometric shapes of fairy-tale birds.

The inauguration ceremony took place on Wednesday 31st  October with the lighting of My Noon by Tobias Rehberger and the simultaneous lighting of all the other installations.

Luci d'Artista is a project by the City of Turin created by IREN Energia Spa and Fondazione Teatro Regio Torino, with the support of IREN, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT and Intesa Sanpaolo.

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