Infinite curiosity. Tullio Regge's computer: pen and paintbrush

Infinite curiosity. Tullio Regge's computer: pen and paintbrush

The Pinacoteca of Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti hosts an exhibition highlighting Tullio Regge’s creative side from 17th  February to 18th  March.

Infinite curiousity. Tullio Regge’s computer: pen and paintbrush pays tribute to Tullio Regge’s creative side, and is the perfect way to round up the exhibition Infinite curiousity. A journey around the universe with Tullio Regge, open  until 18th  March, which is organised by Sistema Scienza Piemonte and held at Accademia delle Scienze in Turin.

From 17th  February to 18th  March the Sala Azzurra of Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti (via Accademia Albertina 8) displays exhibits and drawings that draw visitors into a visionary atmosphere where they can appreciate the part of the great physicist’s work that is perhaps less known but no less fascinating.  

Regge grappled with digital art and design when information technology was just starting. Computers – or calculators as he often called  them– gave him the wonderful freedom to play with shapes and colours by exploiting his knowledge of mathematics. “I’ve always wanted to produce pictures to communicate with others,” wrote Tullio Regge  “and being hopeless with pens or paintbrushes, this has always been frustrating.”

The great scientist often gave his works to family and friends; indeed a vast assortment of drawings from his artistic works blending mathematical abstractions, computer graphics and sense of humour, survive to this day. His bricolarte (“do-it-yourself art”) as he liked to call it, includes three-dimensional graphic elaborations to which he always gave funny, provocative and sometimes critical titles.

The two exhibitions  dedicated to Tullio Regge are organised with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo.