Humans in Co – Evolve your idea of cooperation

Humans in Co – Evolve your idea of cooperation

A new appointment with TEDx in Italy.

On 4th February from 2pm to 9pm Teatro Valdocco (via Sassari 28/B) hosts HUMANS IN CO Evolve your idea of cooperation, the first TEDx d’Italia event in 2018.

In recent years the concept of "CO" has prevailed in almost every sector: co-working, social co-design and co-planning, co-management, artistic co-creation, co-op (eration), co-city, and many others.

HUMANS IN CO will share stories, experiences and analyses of how heterogeneous groups, from the ground up and multidisciplinary, are invaluable for the future of humanity, with ideas both great and small, technological presentations and human stories.

Catterina Seia, Xavier Simonin, Bali Lawal, Surya Bonaly, Alessandra Quarta, Pasquale Longo, Liri Longo, Francesca Rosso, Michele Marmo, Francesco Candelari, Martina Soragna, Vincenza Pellegrino, and Giulietta Alfieri are the 13 guest speakers of the event who will hold alternate talks of up to 14 minutes on social, economic and artistic themes.

The event is in Italian except for the speeches by Surya Bonaly and Xavier Simonin. While purchasing tickets, a written translation from English into Italian of their intervention can be requested.

Breaks are scheduled during the afternoon to encourage talks between speakers and guests in special coffee-break areas.