Getting ready for the future. Debates on sustainability

11/11/2019 - Press release
Getting ready for the future. Debates on sustainability

From 13 November to 6 March the series of conferences  held by Piero Angela and  Piero Bianucci is back.

Getting ready for the future has reached its third edition: a series of meetings  held by Piero Angela and  Piero Bianucci, set up by Fondazione per la Scuola of Compagnia di San Paolo, Polytechnic of Turin and the Regional Schoolboard of Piedmont. 

These debates offer young people the chance to  talk with leading experts in the fields of science, technology,  enterprise, and social work; six debates on emerging subjects, during which the 12 personalities will discuss:  Demographic problems in the world and in Italy with Antonio Golini (LUISS University, former president of Istat);  Global Economy with Pietro Terna (University of Turin); Robotics and Artificial Intelligence  with Roberto Cingolani (Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Leonardo); Developments in IT from research to entertainment with Marco Mazzaglia (Polytechnic of Turin);  Work and welfare with Tito Boeri (Bocconi University, former president of INPS); Genetics and nutrition with Paola Bonfante (University of Turin) and Roberto Defez (Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources, Cnr, Naples); Climate and energy with Nicola Armaroli (Cnr, Bologna) and Acceleration of technology and new jobs with Piero Angela; The future of oceans with Sandro Carniel (Institute of Maritime Sciences, Venice); Fresh water needs with Matia Menichini (Cnr, University of Pisa); Education, information and citizenship with Piero Angela; Inventing jobs withGianfausto Ferrari (entrepreneur, founder of Talent Garden).

Getting ready for the future opens on 13 November with a conference on work, society and new generations held by Piero Bianucci with demographer Antonio Golini to shed light on the  “demography trap” that risks leading Italy in 2050 towards an irreversible aging of its population and to work out possible ways to overcome what he calls  “the pension strategy” and reconquer demographic balance. Pietro Terna will instead be discussing the economy of the future. 

As for previous editions the debates can be streamed live and will be available on demand on the websites of Polytechnic of Turin, Fondazione per la Scuola and Associazione CentroScienza, so that along with debates from  previous years they will make up an archive of knowledge available to all.