Freedhome, the first store based on prison economy

Freedhome, the first store based on prison economy

Freedhome opens in Turin, the first permanent space that sells goods made in Italian detention facilities.

Freedhome is the voice of many realities that day after day prove how rehabilitating work is, bringing value, professionalism and enthusiasm to our country’s penitentiary system. And it does so by opening the first store in Italy based on prison economy in the centre of Turin, in Via Milano 2 / C on 27th October .

It’s a laboratory of ideas and useful projects to convey a strong message and show that this solution is the way to effectively review the activities carried out in detention facilities. Accessories, design objects and gourmet products manufactured inside prisons across Italy will be marketed in an exhibition space that will show history and quality.

These activities are active integration tools involving prisons and inmates, which is why a shop that gives full expression to this value was created, facilitating the marketing of products made in prison after several temporary experiences and participation in trade shows and events.

The store is an exhibition space located in the bustling centre of Turin, intended to spread originality, quality and the trade name of the items that Freedhome guarantees. From Valle d'Aosta to Sicily products in this store are top of the range in various sectors and most of all each of them has a story to offer and tell. Cookies, t-shirts, bags, coffee, wine, design objects that aim at quality more than profit.

Among those attending was the mayor of the City of Turin Chiara Appendino, the city councillor for equal opportunities Marco Giusta, the Regional Prison Superintendent Luigi Pagano, the Municipal Authority for the rights of inmates Monica Cristina Gallo, the Director of Compagnia di San Paolo Francesca Vallarino Gancia and the General Secretary of Slow Food Daniele Buttignol. The meeting was chaired by Marco Bonfiglioli, from the Regional Prison Superintendence Board.

Freedhome project was set up with the contribution of Compagnia di San Paolo, confirming the support already shown at the opening of Marte temporary store.

This idea of redemption from the criminal world is achieved in Freedhome, created to recognize the true value of a structured project related to the third sector and enriched by professionalism thanks to the trust of institutions and private enterprises that believed in its potential. Today Freedhome has taken shape definitively.