First man on the moon: 1969 - 2019

First man on the moon: 1969 - 2019

From July 15th to 21st Moon Week is full of events and activities at – Planetario di Torino (Turin Planetarium)

2019 is the 50th anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon. Luna. – Planetario di Torino highlights this recurrence with a wide ranging programme of events and activities spread over the week from July 15th to 21st.

The Moon Week events:

July 15th – “Guarda che Luna”, thoughts 50 years after the landing 
To remember man’s landing on the moon and celebrate past and future achievements, La Stampa meets important guests to discuss it with them.

Led by Gabriele Beccaria – journalist with La Stampa and editor of Tuttoscienze 
Speaker Maurizio Molinari – editor of La Stampa and Editor-in-Chief of Gnn

July 16th – Eclipse of the moon
One of the most long-awaited astronomical events is happening on 16th July: an eclipse of the moon. Spend the evening mesmerised by the what you can see through the telescope from the museum rooftop! The guest that evening will be Eleonora Ammannito (ASI – Agenzia Spaziale Italiana)

July 17th – Fly me to the Moon
An evening dedicated to the moon’s influence on music and literature, featuring readings and music  organised by Daniela Fargione (University of Turin) and by critic and writer Franco Bergoglio.

July 18th – Robotics and AI at the service of space exploration
A round table to talk about robot and human exploration of space. The evening’s guests will be: Maria Antonietta Perino (Thales Alenia Space), Giancarlo Genta (Politecnico di Torino) and Giada Genchi (IIT).  A demonstration will be held during the event by COMAU and

July 19th – Song for stars – the sky in music

This appointment is part of a series of shows blending sounds and live performances, projecting images onto the planetarium’s dome dedicated to the moon, together with Time Machine and the music of Pink Floyd.

July 20th – Touchdown!
To celebrate one of man’s most thrilling moments, inaugurates Moon Explorer: a museum workstation with a simulator that lets you explore the moon surface and interact with the remains of previous missions over the last 50 years and also lets you take part in future missions to the moon, projecting itself around a  circumlunar station.
For the evening has organised a moon marathon: the Apollo 11 mission live with the stars of the adventure and the videos of the event that glued millions of viewers to their televisions the night of July 20th 1969 – commentated by Antonio Lo Campo.

July 21th–  Apollo 11 – It was the year  1969…
Inauguration of the show for planetariums created by highlighting  key moments of the moon exploration and the anniversary of the moon landing with an outlook on future missions.

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