Education and innovation development

29/01/2018 - Press release
Education and innovation development

Presentation of the Planning Guidelines for 2018.

Turin, 30th January 2018 – Today Francesco Profumo, Chair of Compagnia di San Paolo, together with the General Secretary Piero Gastaldo presented the Planning Guidelines for 2018.

"Our goal for 2018 is in clear continuity with the 2017-2020 Multi-year Planning Document." - said Francesco Profumo - "We will go on using resources so that they lead to a qualitative leap forward in the territories, or at least pave the way for one. People and their chances of living well in their territories are at the heart of our intervention. We are focusing on three dynamics: education, innovation and development. Education is at the core of an educational system that must reconcile humanism and the digital challenge. Innovation covers many areas, and is made up of new ideas, new professions and new organisational models at a social level - demography and migration -; cultural - extending access to culture, creativity and mission of the great cultural goods such as the Royal Residences (the "attractors"); technology, by setting up of a new magnet for research and technology transfer in Turin. Development is geared at generating jobs and business opportunities, attracting skills and activities in Turin, but our vision includes initiatives that help individuals and families take responsibility for looking after community life and its weakest members. ".

"The Foundation assets as of 31st December 2017 amounted to € 7.3 billion and its total return for the year was around 12%." - said Piero Gastaldo, Compagnia’s General Secretary - "The two main components of the portfolio are made up of the strategic portfolio - which includes the stake in Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, in CDP SpA in addition to Mission Related Investments, and the diversified portfolio, invested in asset management instruments. The expected return for the Diversified Portfolio and the foreseeable dividends from the stake in the Transferee Bank allow an adequate coverage of the expenditure targets. The exposure to Intesa Sanpaolo, equal to 46% of the assets at the end of 2017, will be considered, as reported to the Ministry of Economy, part of a risk reducing strategy over a period of several years. "

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