#CrowdfundingCSP 2019 project

#CrowdfundingCSP 2019 project

Compagnia di San Paolo’s crowdfunding experiment.


Throughout 2019 Compagnia di San Paolo is developing a crowdfunding experiment through a programme capable of understanding and interpreting the needs of its own catchment area of non-profit beneficiaries in terms of growth and dialogue with its own community of reference.

Crowdfunding is a tool that finances projects activated through donations from a community that chooses to invest its money freely, usually through web-based platforms that allow online donations.

The crowdfunding experiment proposed by Compagnia di San Paolo focuses on the models of donation based and reward based, which can be combined,.

With the donation-based model the donor donates his/her money to support a specific cause, with no reward in return. Instead, with the reward-based model the donor receives a reward for a donation: this can coincide with a product or a service (participation in the project in various ways, creative experiences, etc.). For the non-profit sector the reward is often not proportionate to the value of the donation made, as a social motivation can prevail and thus be almost symbolic.

Compagnia di San Paolo has identified ten organisations (Filatoio di Caraglio, Fondazione comunitaria della Valle d’Aosta, Associazione a Sinistra, Fondazione Firpo, Associazione Allievi CCA, Odontoiatria sociale, Ratatoj, Coop Agorà, Museo della Ceramica, Telefono Rosa). The territories of reference are: Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta.

Within the trial 3 initiatives were then selected to be supported with matching funds, to further strengthen their engagement capacity. For each of them, once the 50% of the goal established in the collection campaign has been reached, Compagnia di San Paolo will contribute to the following phases, with a multiplying mechanism of each individual donation: for each additional euro collected by the organisation, Compagnia di San Paolo will donate two, up to a maximum amount agreed with the individual body.