Polo del ‘900 – Call for Piedmont: on-line results

Call for Piedmont: on-line results

10 projects have been selected among those received during the call “Polo del ‘900 – Bando per il Piemonte”.

As part of the Programma Polo del ‘900 in July 2016 Compagnia launched a call addressed to Piedmont’s cultural organisations replicating the enhancement model ​​promoted by Polo del ‘900, with the aim of bringing about the creation of networks that can serve as "cultural antennas "on some issues and methodologies related to the Polo, as well as being a direct link with it. This is also in order to extend the presence of the cultural centre to the Piedmont region and contribute to defining its role as a reference.

On 23rd January 2017, at the end of the procedure, the Management Committee of Compagnia di San Paolo approved contributions to set up 10 projects.

Enclosed is a list of the leading institutions and initiatives judged to be worthy of contribution.

The selected projects will be subject to partial redefinition to forge a stronger link with the Polo del '900 in a participatory process. To this end, a meeting is planned at the Polo del '900 on 15th February from 9.30 to 12.30 to which the directors of the cultural institutions of the Polo del 900 involved in the winning projects are invited.

Remember that initiatives not mentioned in that list are considered rejected and therefore excluded from receiving contributions. No mention is therefore Compagnia’s communication of a negative outcome.