Call for Ideas MIND CLUB

Call for Ideas MIND CLUB

“MIND CLUB” is online: the Call for Ideas to promote the young people of Piemonte, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta and their ideas.

Notice: the call is extended until 31 January.

Pursuant to previous initiatives to encourage young people to be protagonists, Compagnia di San Paolo has collaborated with Fondazione CARIGE and Fondazione CARISPEZIA to launch the Call for Ideas entitled “Mind Club” whose target is to promote empowerment and autonomy for the under 30s through proposals to develop and enhance the well-being of young people and develop collectivity and the local context.

The main novelty is that this Call for Ideas aims to gather ideas for young people proposed by young people themselves: “Mind club” directly targets young people to get them to propose ideas promoting social inclusion, a sense of belonging to the local territory and community, solutions to real necessities  and stimulating answers in order  to tangibly increase opportunities for young people.

Ideas should be presented in groups of at least 4 people and must have the following characteristics:

A STRONG CONNECTION WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITY AND TERRITORY: the ideas must take into consideration the actual conditions of their community and thus put forward solutions to be developed principally  in the reference territory;

STRONG FOCUS ON THE REAL NECESSITIES AND OPPORTUNITIES REGARDING YOUNG PEOPLE: the ideas must be characterised by a strong focus on all categories of young people, including the vulnerable or those living in degraded or hinterland areas, in order to meet the needs of those who cannot voice them and whose aspirations and necessities are normally not met.

Ideas referring to actions in the following areas will be particularly favoured:

Promote young people’s ‘effective’ autonomy: help them get access to work, housing, economic independence, intrapreneurship, mobility; develop personal competences/soft skills, informal learning;

Encourage environmental awareness; valorise the local territory/landscape; promote solutions for better liveability and urban requalification; facilitate sustainable and healthy lifestyles through physical activities and sports.


Support active participation of young people, their inclusion in decision making, establishing responsible, civic-minded  citizenship; encourage young people to express their thoughts and words; attract people to voluntary work favouring  a generation turnover; increase opportunities towards Europe;

Promote equality and respect for people’s rights against all discrimination; favour young people’s integration and dignity  including that concerning migration, costrasting all forms of inequality; 

All ideas must be submitted by 31/12/19 on the specific online platform:, where they will be published to facilitate visibility.

In early 2020 a specially constituted Board will select the best ideas that will be entitled to access the second phase of the initiative.

The second phase involves the launch of a "Call for Bodies", a call for tenders that will be published in the first few months of 2020, aimed at co-planning and then at the subsequent realization of the ideas selected in the previous phase.

Requests for contributions by Third Sector organisations and Public Bodies closely planned with the young proposers of the selected ideas will therefore be collected. The projects deemed suitable for contribution will then be selected by the summer.