Bookstock village at Turin international Book fair

Bookstock village at Turin international Book fair

 A full programme for young people, teachers and families from 9th  to 13th May

Compagnia di San Paolo is once again supporting the Bookstock Village at Turin International Book Fair from 9th to 13th May at Lingotto Fiere. Inside Bookstock Village Compagnia offers a full programme for young people, teachers and families. Various workshops will be carried out by Spazio Xkè about  “Luna 50 anni dopo. Le scoperte e le conquiste dell’uomo”, (“The moon 50 years later. Man’s discoveries and conquests”) a journey starting in 1969 to explore the advances made in the medical 

technological, energy and social fields and find new frontiers in knowledge. As part of the “Riconnessioni” project,  Fondazione per la Scuola will offer in Aula 2030 the chance to see how an Italian, history, geography lesson of the future could be, in an environment where digital and technological resources support creativity, ingenuity and strategies of collaborative teaching, attentive to everyone's needs.


In Aula 2030 you will also find activities set up by Fondazione Links and Fondazione Polo del ‘900. As of this year there will also be In Orbita, with activities dedicated to the anniversary of the moon landing.

Many activities are on offer: those for young astronauts by – Planetario di Torino and by Museo del Cinema; those about the environment and biodiversity by Slow Food Italia and by MAcA- Museo A come Ambiente, artistic ones organised by MEF – Museo Ettore Fico, by Consorzio delle Residenze Reali Sabaude, by Associazione Mus-e Torino Onlus, by Associazione Print Club Torino and, for a younger age group, those by Spazio ZeroSei Egizio and a workshop on touch books proposed by Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudeng.

Here are some of the many events:

Friday 10th May at  4.30pm at Sala Indaco, presentation of the book "Fortuna del Barocco in Italia. Le grandi mostre del Novecento" by Michela di Macco and Giuseppe Dardanello, published by Fondazione 1563, Quaderni di ricerca - Programma di studi sul Barocco, n.2, Sagep Editori, Genova, 2019. The book will be presented by Orietta Rossi Pinelli and Liliana Barroero.

Friday 10th May at 6:30pm at Sala Atlantide, presentation of the book  “È possibile una scuola diversa? Una ricerca sperimentale per migliorare la qualità scolastica”, by Daniele Checchi and Giorgio Chiosso, published by il Mulino, series Fondazione per la Scuola.
Taking part with the curators are: Ludovico Albert, Fondazione per la Scuola, Fabrizio Manca, USR Piemonte, Alessia Pipitone, MIUR, Marzia Sica, Compagnia di San Paolo and Paolo Sestito, Banca d’Italia.

Monday 13th May at 10:30 at Arena Bookstock, F*** INGGENIUS! Neil Armstrong and the moon landing in collaboration with Compagnia di San Paolo and 19-year-old Linda Raimondo, aka AstroLinda, is training to be an astronaut and has already taken part in drills in Iceland similar to those of the astronauts during the 1969 missions. Presented by Massimo Temporelli.

Please go to the website of the book fair for more details: