Biennale della Prossimità 2019

Biennale della Prossimità 2019

The event dedicated to local communities, to people and their needs, is on from 16th to 19th May in Taranto.

Biennale della Prossimità is dedicated to  local communities, to people and their needs in the framework of “proximity”. Promoted by Rete Nazionale per la Prossimità (National Proximity Network), Biennale explains how meeting these needs – ever varying, increasingly complicated and hardly ever coinciding with rigid bureaucratic categories – can correspond with defining new relationships where the beneficiary is co- protagonist of the answers.

After Genoa in 2015 and Bologna in 2017, with over 500 experiences of proximity recounted and 1,000 participants, Biennale now moves to Taranto for three days (16th-19th May). Operators and citizens can meet, talk, share and exchange experiences  about the territory whilst trying out different forms of communication: from storytelling to art, from cultural deepening to conviviality.