Altrotempo ZeroSei: a five year experience, a model for the future

Altrotempo ZeroSei: a model for the future

A moment for talking, sharing and reaping the benefits of Altrotempo Action: results obtained and lessons learnt.

On Wednesday 23 October 2019 from 9.30am to 1pm at the Vivaldi Auditorium of the National University Library (Piazza Carlo Alberto 5 / A, Turin), Compagnia di San Paolo has organised Altrotempo ZeroSei: a five-year experience, a model for the future, a moment for talking, sharing and reaping the benefits of Altrotempo Action: results obtained and lessons learnt..

As of 2014,  Azione Altrotempo of the ZeroSei Programme has incentivized the distribution of spaces in Turin’s neighbouring towns for children aged 0-6, for their care, education and social skills and to support parenting and prevent marginality. These areas offer children and their families education, workshops and games, favouring inclusion, parent training and participation.

To this end Compagnia di San Paolo has promoted and helped establish 16 planning tables in as many municipalities involving institutions, local health organizations, associations, private social bodies and informal groups of parents, who have worked together in the last five years towards joint initiatives for children in the 0-6 age group and families.

More than 20,000 children in the 0-6 age group live in the territory affected by Azione Altrotempo; the youngest make up 5.4% of the total population residing in the 16 Municipalities involved in this experience: Alpignano, Baldissero Torinese, Borgaro Torinese, Cambiano, Caselle Torinese, Chieri, Collegno, Druento, Grugliasco, Moncalieri, Pecetto Torinese, Pino Torinese , Rivoli, San Mauro Torinese, Settimo Torinese and Trofarello. In these years of activity more than 250 subjects have been involved, including institutions, associations, social cooperatives, schools, parents group and other local bodies active in the 0-6 age group: a close and popular network work which, from 2015 to 2018, made it possible to conceive, design and set up over 2,000 events dedicated to girls and boys aged 0/6 and their families.

The event on the morning of Wednesday 23 October intends to recall how Azione Altrotempo developed and at the same time encourage the dissemination of experiences, learning and recommendations for the future. After presenting the context of intervention, objectives and working methods proposed by Altrotempo, the day will proceed with the presentation of experiences, data and good practices found in the 16 municipalities involved.

Some of the subjects actively involved in this will then tell their story centred around the needs of the reference population and the many events offered,  including impacts and legacies left by the Altrotempo experience in the territories.