9centTro: the new platform created by Polo del '900

9centTro:  the new platform created by Polo del '900

The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday 24th January at 9:30am in Via del Carmine 14 (Polo del ‘900, Sala' 900).

After two years of work, the integration between the assets belonging to partner organisations of Polo del ‘900 becomes9centRo, a digital platform, presented on Wednesday 24th January at 9:30am in Via del Carmine 14 (Polo del' 900, Sala '900).

The meeting is an opportunity to talk about the various development stages of the platform containing up to 85,000 documents, 12,000 photographs, 4,000 posters and to discuss the potential and developments that it can bring in the field of cultural heritage, in terms of accessibility, contribution to research, dissemination of heritage, production of new culture and economic and social impact.

9centRo is a Polo del ‘900 project created with the support of the Piedmont Region and Compagnia di San Paolo, and developed by Promemoria Srl. "At a time of radical technological change and great economic and social upheavals, - said Sergio Soave, President of Polo del '900, - focusing on the memory of the 20th century and the digital tools that preserve and disseminate it means contributing collectively to restoring the primacy of truth and knowledge, rational and critical thinking, compared to every phenomenon of post-truth and historical mystification, so that our future doesn’t arise from oblivion of the past. 9centRo offers scholars a new opportunity to do research as well as citizens who love history. "

Chair Francesco Profumo is taking part in the presentation on behalf of Compagnia di San Paolo.