2019 Brain awareness week

2019 Brain awareness week

From 11th  to 19th  March the Brain Awareness Week is back in Turin with a full calendar of conferences, labs and guided tours.

From 11th  to 19th  March Settimana del Cervello (Brain Awareness Week) is back in Turin, providing an in-depth look – with help from experts in various disciplines – at the contaminations between neuroscience and  new digital skills through conferences at Circolo dei Lettori, labs for schools and guided tours of the Luigi Rolando Museum of Human Anatomy and  Cesare Lombroso Museum of Criminal Anthropology.

The week’s main theme is artificial intelligence, which has evolved and grown to include more and more complex applications such as those used by researchers and doctors to provide early diagnosis of diseases, analyse imaging, perfect treatment, simplify DNA sequencing and personalise treatments individually.  

Settimana del Cervello 2019 in Turin is promoted by CentroScienza Onlus and supported by Compagnia di San Paolo, in collaboration with  Piedmont Region, INN Istituto Nazionale di Neuroscienze (National Institute of Neuroscience), NICO Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi, NIT Interdepartmental Centre of Advanced Studies in Neuroscience, PhD Program in Neuroscience, Department of Psychology, Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology, Department of Neurosciences and Museum System of the University of Turin; DAUIN Department of Control and Computer Engineering of  Politecnico di Torino, Circolo dei Lettori.

The event is part of an international project promoted by DANA Alliance for Brain Initiatives and in Europa by FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies).

Programme and info at www.centroscienza.it and www.nico.ottolenghi.unito