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Fondazioni4Africa Senegal


Through the Fondazioni4Africa, four among the main Italian foundations of banking origin,  Compagnia di San Paolo di Torino, Fondazione Cariparma di Parma, Fondazione Cariplo di Milano and Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena have agreed to invest together in Africa, a first in Italian philanthropy.  The project is in close collaboration with many Italian non-governmental organizations of  international co-operation and African immigrants associations. Two three-year interventions were launched in autumn 2008, in North Uganda and Senegal respectively. Both projects ended successfully, reaching a definite self-sustainability of many of the development paths set out.

The Senegal project intended to improve  economic and social conditions of those populations living in the Country’s rural and pre-urban areas. This initiative provided for integrated interventions in some key sectors and supply lines for the development of Senegal: responsible tourism, fishing, production, processing  and marketing of fruits and dairy products. The interventions carried out within the context of the project were accompanied by intense investigation and action on immigration dynamics and the Senegalese diaspora in Italy and by initiatives of co-development.

This project was granted approximately € 1.9 million by the Compagnia di San Paolo from 2008 to 2013.

Intervention Area: Innovazione culturale


1.900.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo