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Ufficio Pio

Piazza Bernini 5, Torino

Ufficio Pio is an organisation that dates back four centuries. From supporting women without dowries in 1595 to today’s socially ground-breaking projects, it has never stopped helping people and their families in situations of social and economic vulnerability or unease in Turin and its neighbouring areas.

Ufficio Pio operates through various project areas and always with a marked innovative modus operandi. The projects to fight poverty offer economic contributions and help people to get back to work; projects to prevent poverty are aimed at vulnerable members of society to help them with university expenses, with redesigning a life or professional plan and for keeping up their housing status; projects of social re-integration and inclusion are for ex-inmates and people with no fixed abode, the coordination of services in favour of minors promotes initiatives against leaving school and for setting up recreational  summer  experiences. Its activity is carried out directly by a staff of 35 operators and with the support of roughly 200 volunteers, in partnership with the Compagnia di San Paolo and in collaboration networks with other local public and private subjects of the territory.

The economic resources are mainly made up by the Compagnia di San Paolo’s annual contribution, of which Ufficio Pio is an Instrumental Body, as well as by other lesser incomes and  revenues.

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Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo
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