Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo

Torino Internazionale/Strategica

Torino, Via Borgosesia 1

Torino Internazionale/Strategica is historically invested with elaborating the City’s Strategic Plan and setting out metropolitan strategic planning processes, more open now than ever to the new realities of metropolitan city. It has 90 members, from municipalities, representative bodies or professional organisations, firms, associations and foundations, research institutes. By presenting the 3rd Strategic Plan the association’s current mandate becomes null: the Compagnia di San Paolo has encouraged an operative consideration shared with the City of Turin and Regione Piemonte, in order to overcome the current arrangement of so-called council strategic agencies (including Torino Internazionale) in view of setting up an agency for metropolitan development.

Amount erogated in 2015: € 125,000 in support of institutional activity (including membership fee and contribution to the organization of the event presenting the 3rd Strategic Plan)

Intervention Area: Filantropia e territorio


€ 125,000 in support of institutional activity

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo
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