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The Others

Via Paolo Borsellino, 3, 10138 Torino

THE OTHERS is dedicated to emerging contemporary art. It was set up mainly as a visual arts exhibition but then went on to become a multicultural event embracing other art forms and contemporary languages (music, theatre, literature, etc.) turning into a multidisciplinary exhibition. It takes part in Turin’s former prison ‘Le Nuove’ and is part of ContemporaryArt Torino, the week that the city dedicates to contemporary art. THE OTHERS involves profit and no-profit bodies, bringing together in a single event associations, collective groups, foundations, academies, new galleries, libraries and spaces for visual arts, young, self-produced design and graphic arts, all with a common denominator: promoting, spreading and supporting emerging art which finds in The Others unanimous promotion and an essential meeting point for exchanging knowledge and developing networks and synergies.



Intervention Area: Innovazione culturale


Since 2012 € 90,000

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo