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The “Duca degli Abruzzi” CAI National Mountain Museum

Piazzale Monte dei Capuccini, 7, 10131 Torino

The “Duca degli Abruzzi” CAI National Mountain Museum, located in Turin on the summit of Monte dei Cappuccini overlooking the city, was founded in 1874 by the first members of the Italian Alpine Club. The Museum is a centre of documentation and a cultural pole for all that regards the world of mountains and mountaineering, in Italy and abroad. It is also houses a permanent exhibition and hosts many temporary exhibitions and activities dealing with mountains.

The Compagnia di San Paolo’s association with the Mountain Museum goes back many years, proof of its commitment to initiatives of historical and cultural research and dissemination and, in particular, to the archival heritage of Turin and Piedmont.

In 2004, the Compagnia contributed 55,000 Euros to purchase, exhibit and catalogue historical photographs about mountains. When the Museum’s exhibition setup was reorganised in 2005, the Cultural and Environmental Heritage sector of the Compagnia supported the project with a contribution of 350,000 Euros. This reorganisation of the Museum’s exhibition space, which lasted over two years, confirmed the National Mountain Museum as an important centre of research, documentation and promotion of mountains. At the same time, the project revolutionised the very concept of the Museum, turning it into an “open air”space through the construction of a new elevator and a panoramic terrace from which visitors can observe a 400 kilometre span of the Alps to the north. Inside, the Museum’s setup has been reorganised, video installations project film clips from the Historical Film Library and the various sections have been subdivided according to their themes. The Compagnia has also financed a project to conserve and archive the collections of the Museum’s Documentation Centre by digitalising the photo archives. For this operation, 150,000 Euros were allocated in 2006 and 150,000 Euros in 2007.

The Museum's Documentation Center has 160,000 pictures and is one of the most important collections in the world relevant to explorations, mountain climbing, and travels from the Alps to the Himalayas and to the Poles. The Compagnia di San Paolo has supported the Center throughout the years with various projects centered on preservation actions, based on the use of advanced technologies and multimedia systems, and on increasing the value of the funds contained in it.

Support to the project: From 1996 to 2012, Euro 1 million.


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1.000.000 euro

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