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Racconigi castle

Via Morosini, 3, 12035 Racconigi CN

Compagnia has supported Essenze del territorio, a project promoted by Associazione Conservare per Innovare in partnership with Associazione Terre dei Savoia. The project has brought together a network of  cultural and landscape heritage all sharing a strong and meaningful link with local agricultural traditions: a network of landscapes, gardens and cultivations that stand out for growing aromatic herbs, medicinal plants and fruit and vegetable crops of ancient tradition.
The route is closely linked to the environment and the historical and agricultural traditions of the territory. Its  roots lie in the rural heart of Piedmont, in the area that made up the natural economic expansion of the Savoy family south of Turin from its settlement in Piedmont, the cornerstone of which is Racconigi Castle.

From the time of Carlo Alberto until the fall of the monarchy, the royal family used to spend their holiday in the castle built by Guarini. It was surrounded by a majestic park, the work of landscape architect Xavier Kurten and an example of sensitivity to nature and landscape that was typical of Romanticism.

Today, you can still admire the original furnishings, a wonderful collection of portraits and stroll through the park, an oasis of naturalistic interest.

Compagnia is also contributing to the recovery of the Carlo-Albertina library, an initiative proposed by the Terre dei Savoia Association: a small hidden gem, adjacent to the reception hall of the first floor, which up to now has been closed and unexplored by the public.



Intervention Area: Arte, attività e beni culturali


Racconigi: € 100,000 Carloalbertina library and  € 250.000 for the general project “Essenze del territorio”

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo