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Quartieri Militari Juvarriani

Via del Carmine 12, Torino

The Quartieri Militari complex by Juvarra (1716-1728) consists of two wings overlooking Corso Valdocco and the crossroads of Via San Domenico and Via dei Quartieri, named after San Celso and San Daniele; characterized by jutting porticoes that form a spectacular rectangular exedra, rise in height to four storeys above ground (including the attic) and a basement, with an area of ​​about 8,000 square meters. With military purpose until the early twentieth century, the Quartieri were left in 1885 to the City, which performed radical restructuring work: from 1894 on the roof and floors of the third floor, between 1928 and 1931 on the other floors and in the 1950s and 1960s to add a wing in Corso Valdocco on the courtyard side and create an underground archive. From the building’s past only the structure of the grand staircase (in the wing of Via San Domenico) and parts of the vaults in the basement and the air-raid shelter dating from the last world war have been preserved. The complex is included in the city’s Piano Regolatore Generale (City General Plan) as a "building of great renown" exclusively for its "prestigious façades of uniform architecture"; this fact, negative due to the loss of historical heritage, now enables less binding architectural choices.

The reutilization project of the building of San Daniele was started in 2012 and its goal is the ambitious creation of an architectural, urbanistic and cultural project, launched by the Compagnia di San Paolo in partnership with the Comune di Torino. Our foundation has dedicated a specific three-year program to it. In both Palazzo San Celso and Palazzo San Daniele, a cultural center will be set up - the Polo del ‘900 – in which many of the institutions engaged in research and cultural development of the twentieth century social, economic and political Torino, as well as repositories of rich documentary sources, will be established in 2015.

The Compagnia di San Paolo invested in the architectural complex in 2006 with a contribution of € 6.5 million.


Polo del 900


6.500.000 euro

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