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Progetto Diogene

Corso Regio Parco Torino

Diogene project emerged from the collaboration between contemporary artists who came together as a group to set up a place to think and talk about the themes and way to make art. Diogene Bivaccourbano, the first initiative promoted and carried out regularly by the Diogene group, focuses itself within of the panorama of international residences. It aims to live and work by exploiting city public spaces, penetrating the empty urban spaces. By exploiting the resources the city and contemporary art system offer, the project aims to favour artists’ mobility and professionalisation. Diogene has operated in Turin since 2009 inside a restored tram parked at the roundabout between corso Regio Parco and Corso Verona, adapted to become a residence/studio and operational centre. Diogene’s main aim is to carry on increasing support and actual production of work by Piedmontese, national and international artists thanks to projects made especially for them. Since 2014 the residence project has become Bivaccourbano_R, a Residence/Research scholarship for an international artist, selected via public call. The artist’s project lasts a year and includes living in the Turin area for two months (from September to November), constant updates of work phases and the final exhibition in November of the following year.

Intervention Area: Innovazione culturale


Since 2008 € 250,000

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo