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Nesta Italia

Via Maria Vittoria 38, 10123 Torino, Italy

Nesta Italia is the result of a collaboration between Nesta, a global-level philanthropic foundation based in London, and Compagnia di San Paolo.

Nesta Italia aims to promote innovation in education, tackling the challenge set by digital and future jobs, experimenting with bottom-up solutions regarding the social integration of migrants, developing new models of participatory health protection in an old-aged society, studying cultural heritage management models.

To do this, it will exploit research, social networks, grants and competence by collaborating with partners from all over Italy, including universities, government authorities, companies and non-profit organisations. Nesta UK’s network and experience will be an important part of a strategy that will make the most of Italian creativity and intelligence in society, culture and technology.

For the Nesta Italia project, Compagnia provides a non-repayable start-up grant for three years (2017-19) for a total of €1.200 million.

Intervention Area: Filantropia e territorio


€ 400,000 euros annually for the three-year period 2017-2019

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo