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L’isola di Margherita

Piazza Polonia, 94, 10126 Torino

ADISCO-Associazione Donatrici Italiane Sangue Cordone Ombelicale (Umbilical Cord Female Italian Blood Donors Association) has created the project for a children’s hospice.

The new structure inside Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital - the reference centre for pediatrics in Piedmont - aims to ensure children carry on getting healthcare from the same staff who looked after them during their complex illness.

L’isola di Margherita has six rooms, each with a bed for the patient, an armchair bed for the person accompanying them and an ensuite bathroom. There is also a kitchen and laundry room for families and a room where relatives can relax.

Compagnia di San Paolo has supported ADISCO by contributing € 500,000.

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€ 500,000

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