Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo

Hospice 'Ida Bocca' e 'Sergio Sugliano'

Strada Comunale S. Vito Revigliasco, 34 – TORINO

The two hospices are structures destined to hosting patients with hepatic, oncological, and neurological diseases in an advanced state. Characterized by a homey atmosphere, they have specialists who can offer palliative treatments and assistance to improving the quality of life for the ill, safeguarding their dignity and offering a medical, psychological, social, and spiritual support to them and their families. The service offered by the Hospices is linked with home hospitalization and constitutes an alternative for the ill who are alone, or whose family situation is fragile, or whose living situation is unlikely to be compatible with adequate home help.
Support to the project: From 2001 to 2012, Euro 4.5 million.

Intervention Area: Filantropia e territorio


4.500.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo