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The Film Commission Torino Piemonte is a foundation that is supported by the Piedmont Region and the City of Turin. Its goal is to promote the region as a location of excellence for film and television productions - thereby creating work opportunities - and to supply services such as analysing screenplays, scouting locations, procuring permits, selecting professionals, supplying crew offices and working space, supplying assistance during filming and a data and image bank to help choose the most captivating locations. Besides pre-production and production services, the Film Commission Torino Piemonte also carries out marketing and promotional activities to support Piedmont’s film potential at major international film festivals.

In line with its support of initiatives dedicated to promoting the territory, the Compagnia di San Paolo has supported the Film Commission with financing for the creation of audiovisual projects, documentaries and image banks to publicize locations in Turin and Piedmont. In recent years, this support has amounted to: 200,000,000 lira in 2001 (equal to 103,291 Euros) to create an image bank; 100,000 Euros in 2002 for an audiovisual project and special photographic services; 15,000 Euros in 2003 to organise the international competition “Turin, City of Culture”; 80,000 Euros in 2004 for a promotional video about “Piedmont’s Film System”; 100,000 Euros in 2006 for the making of the film “Nuova Torino”. In 2007, the Compagnia contributed 75,000 Euros for the audiovisual project “Torino in DVD” by Carlo Lizzani and 200,000 Euros for the project “La strada di Levi”; in 2008, it donated 75,000 Euros for documentaries and soundtracks about Turin and Piedmont as centres of cinematographic excellence.

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Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo