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Fabtheatre Project for the redevelopment of Turin’s Teatro Juvarra

Via Filippo D. Juvarra, 15, 10122 Torino

Reasons for the initiative

In these years emerging problems urge us to search for new possible paths. The following needs are also the reasons that make us want to renovate Teatro Juvarra: to allow different ambits, such as welfare and the fine arts, find expression; to add an international dimension to a city that is rich in intellectual liveliness; to create a place in which entrepreneurship may become inclusive, sustainable, and educational; to support the taste for beauty inside a place of culture and aggregation; to intend the Theatre as a place for all; and to think in innovative and social ways.

Description of the initiative

GENERAL PURPOSE: Regenerating and recovering the fine arts heritage of Teatro Juvarra, located inside the historical Collegio Artigianelli.

SPECIFIC PURPOSES: Creating a place where the fine arts and the social element can meet; developing in Turin an international dimension for the fine arts; creating an art project which brings together, through a firmware approach, tradition and technology, software and hardware, past and future, and culture and experience; making the Theatre a place of education for new generations, not only for specifically art-related profiles, but also for all backstage professions, a Laboratory of Changes as a continuous process of virtuous transformation.

METHOD AND ACTIONS: Three types of action: 1. Renovation of the structure. 2. Creation of an art project having an international value. 3. Creation of a place for training and professional placement.

Finally, right from the renovation FabTheatre will carry out the “Social Innovation” approach, characterized by open source and digital making through the use of state-of-the-art digital tools that develop customized, open source prototyping.

Expected results

RESULTS: A place where culture is created; a place of welcoming and international culture; customization of the artistic offer; socialization; community of practices, crafts and technology; generation of new skills for the youth; new scalable models that can be replicated in other building yards of the Italian historical and cultural heritage; creation of a theatre season with international artists.

Beneficiaries of the initiative

The initiative will address a mixed public composed of youth, families, adults, and especially an international audience. <

Other beneficiaries will be the young who will participate to the training courses. Finally, the project will favour the inclusion of unemployed youth or of socially impaired people. 

Body : Casa Generalizia Pia Società Torinese di San Giuseppe 


Intervention Area: Filantropia e territorio


€ 600,000

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo
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