Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo


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CeRMS, the Centre for Biomedical Research, was inaugurated in June 2001; it is a joint initiative between the Molinette Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Turin, with the external participation of the non-profit International Foundation for Research in Experimental Medicine (FIRMS).  CeRMS, which is dedicated to basic research, along with COES, the Subalpine Oncohaematological Centre, which is dedicated to clinical research, carries out research to transfer its results to diagnostics and therapy.

The project presented by CeRMS/COES to the call for proposals by the Oncological Programme, which was instituted in 2000 by the Compagnia di San Paolo received 3 million Euros in financing, the highest amount given to a single company. A further 3.3 billion lira had been donated by the Compagnia for the purchase of advanced equipment during CeRMS’s start-up phase.


3.000.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo